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When you’ve worked in an industry for over twenty years, you tend to notice a few cracks in the system. Like how most Amazon management services aren’t taking the time to understand how to properly manage their Amazon stores. How they don’t understand the shutdown appeals process, or value the importance of marketing dollars for generating conversions. Their mismanagement has caused many stores to get permanently deactivated before they’ve even had a chance to succeed.

This is why we created E-Com Industry. We saw the opportunity to create an Amazon management service that gives clients partnership and a truly protected investment. The stores we create for our clients are more than just a passive income. They’re long-term, sustainable digital assets, built to flex and adapt to the everchanging e-commerce landscape.

Create your business.
Onboard and integrate.

First, we’ll schedule a consultation call to see if we’re a good fit. If our services are right for you, we’ll begin our partnership with a 4-6 week onboarding process.

Your store.
Our management.

Once your business is established legally and with Amazon, we’ll work to research and stock inventory, create branding, and establish a marketing plan for your new store. While ECI does the heavy lifting, you’ll have visibility at every step of the process.

Track your profits.
Full transparency.

You’ll have full access to your store, where you can track sales, marketing campaigns, orders, account health, and consumer reports. You and your team will always be able to see how much your business is making in your Amazon Seller Account Balance.

E-Com Industry
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