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About E-Com Industry

It’s about more
than money.

Our team brings 20+ years of e-commerce experience and perspective to the table—and if we’ve learned anything in all that time, it’s that every business and business owner is different. That’s why we’re committed to approaching every client relationship like it’s our only relationship, giving it undivided attention and bespoke strategy it needs to become a success.

In our world, integrity comes before profit. ECI respects and abides by all of Amazon’s policies, keeping pace with the fast-moving platform. This enables us to build you a real store that holds value over time, without the risk of getting shut down as easily as competitors who cut corners and skirt the rules. In the event your store is shut down for any policy violation, our team will handle the appeal process—and even cover the setup of a new store if that appeal is unsuccessful. That means you get peace of mind with a passive and protected investment.

At the end of the day, it’s all about giving investors the chance to reach their financial goals in one of the world’s most rapidly growing global markets.

E-Com Industry
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